Staff & Board

Executive Director – Frank Roa

Frank is the founder of the Umatilla Morrow Alternatives.

An openly Gay, HIV+, Latino man raised in Irrigon Oregon.

E-mail: Frank      Cell: 541-626-9635



Fundraising Director – Darrell Alston

Darrell grew up in Chicago Illinois where he was a school teacher for inner city children.

He received his degree in child psychology from North Western University. Darrell has traveled

around the country and has lived in most of the U.S major cities

E-mail: Darrell @      Cell 541-314-8200


Board Chair – John Thomas






Board Member – Heidi Eidler,

Director, Programs and Services of Eastern Oregon Center for Independent living Heidi Eidler has been with EOCIL since 2002 serving individuals with HIV/AIDS residing in rural eastern Oregon.She was born and raised in South Africa, graduated from secondary school in Namibia and as an adult went to college in Austria, where she received her bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in psychology. During her college years, Heidi worked in the social services field providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Heidi has accumulated extensive HIV/AIDS service delivery experience and knowledge after working in rural communities across Africa, Europe and Brazil in the 1980s. She immigrated to the United States in 2000.. She brings to her role a literal world of experience and a passion for advocating for self-management of people living with HIV/AIDS outside metropolitan areas.


Board Member  -  BC Martin

A musician/artist/community volunteer dedicated to helping the next generation to grow up in place where people of color,gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity

feel included and safe in their lives.My role as a LGBT individual is creating a community of diversity and culture through sustainable institutions such as UMA

to improve the lives of all members of society. I feel the artist also plays a role of opening minds and connecting hearts.


Board Member – Melva Gonzalez






Board Member – Kevin Castle

Attended: Duquesne University majored in Music performance and English Literature Steven’s School of the Bible Majored in Education and Missions
Worked in Human Resources in the Staffing Industry for Over 15 YearsVolunteer Educator in HIV/STD prevention since 1992
Prior UMA board member 2009 Returned 2011 currently working on grant funding for UMA

E-mail: Kevincastle @


Board Member – Jeremy Sawyer

Jeremy has been a faithful volunteer with UMA for several years and after doing all the background loading unloading and hard physical work, He has decided to join the board with schooling in electronics and customer service. Jeremy has been in the criminal justice system and gives a different angle not often seen




Board Member – Haley  Shearer-Talamontes