Homeless/Crisis Center Project

UMA is working towards creating a Homeless Shelter/Chrisis Center Based in Hermiston Oregon

1. UMA’s Homeless shelter/crisis center. (Not associated with Agape House’s Transitional housing project)

The homeless shelter is intended to be 2 working parts that fits under UMA’s mission of serving the under-served minority populations ending discrimination, providing education, and advocating for the community.

The homeless shelter is just that a homeless shelter that would serve we are hoping around 40 people. Since UMA is not a government funded agency (an intention of UMA). This allows us to create an emergency shelter that houses men,women,and teens realizing that they must be separated for safety reasons in sleeping and bathroom/shower facilities but also including 5 rooms for families to keep them together in such a crisis time is very important but also knowing that Agape will handle those. 15 beds for men, 10 for women knowing that domestic violence and the Tanff program through Department of human services helps with that and splitting 5 for young women and 5 for young men hoping that we really don’t have a lot of runaway issues.

1a. The Crisis center is intended to work in conjunction with the homeless shelter but it’s purpose is to hold other non profits in one place (a 1 stop shop) of non profits helping certain parts of the community for instance Job placement, training, domestic violence, and a couple others that can offer classes, education, and crisis situation help of where that is their expertise and not reinventing programs that are already running in our local community (they are the experts in their respected field so let them do what they do best). This is a safe place for all including Sexual Orientation and being very open about that. If they need shelter for more than 30 days we intend to require them to go through some of these classes in order to stay unless they are already in a place of work and trying to build up money for rent. We must not cut them off if they are by themselves working towards independence but being a support network.

So to sum up: This facility would not only serve a minority population, but serve as an example of different cultures working together in 1 place for the common good of our communities, and hopefully break down barriers of misunderstandings and allow the true non-profits to work and provide a space where we can teach, educate, and increase our visibility in our local community.In Addition serve as a center for “HOPE” in Eastern Oregon. While presenting a project model for other communities to replicate.